Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The National-Anarchist Concept of Tribe

National-Anarchism is criticized by the mainstream anarchist movement for allegedly advocating "racism" or "white supremacy." These accusations are false. National-Anarchism promotes the idea of "tribe" whereby people sharing common values, politics, culture, or other identifies form collectives and communities reflecting their common interests. Proponents of racial supremacy favor political subjugation, oppression, and violence against other races.

The mainstream anarchist movement wishes to have its cake and eat it, too. These anarchists profess "anti-racism" while at the same time promoting racist attitudes directed towards persons of European descent. To be sure, there are honorable exceptions. For instance, the "Anarchist People of Color" group makes no claims of being race neutral. Instead, they practice racial exclusivity for people of color to the maximum. Instead, the "anti-racism" hysteria currently found in the anarchist milieu is expressed primarily by confused, self-loathing, young white people. National-Anarchism is a necessary corrective to this state of affairs. National-Anarchism insists that white, European people have as much right to organize and speak up on behalf of their own political interests as any other kind of interest group. European peoples have as much right to celebrate their common heritage and culture as any other peoples. In other words, minorities do not cease to have rights when they become a majority. National-Anarchism represents nothing more than the same expression of ethnic self-interest, celebration, and desires for self-preservation as such groups as Anarchist People of Color, the Peoples' Democratic Uhuru Movement, or the Nation of Islam.

Further, National-Anarchism is both anti-authoritarian and anti-universalist. National-Anarchists do not desire a tyrannical state that oppresses other people any more than other kinds of anarchists do. The National-Anarchist concept of "tribe" recognizes the right of tribes to exist that hold widely varying values and beliefs, including those that are polar opposite of one another. For instance, church denominations are somewhat comparable to the National-Anarchist tribal ideal. Churches vary wildly in their beliefs, practices, rituals, taboos, requirements for membership, conditions of exclusion or expulsion, methods of self-government, activities and so forth. Some are liberal, some are conservative. Some are exclusionary, some are inclusive. On the other end of the spectrum of social respectability, some have characterized urban gangs as "street tribes" due to their self-organization around common attire, rituals, symbolism, music, ethnic or socio-economic origins, geography, etc. Likewise, the human tribal groups favored by National-Anarchists can vary in their beliefs and actions in a similar way. Most National-Anarchist tribes at present are Euro-centric in nature. Some are Christian, some are pagan. Some have expressed interest in Queer National-Anarchist tribes. Some have expressed interest in multi-racial tribes devoted to strict Green practices. There are Muslim, American Indian and Jewish National-Anarchists.

National-Anarchism is a much superior way of dealing with irreconcilable cultural differences than the double standards and contradictory ideas of the Politically Correct paradigm that most mainstream anarchists currently subscribe to. The National-Anarchist idea of a decentralized society oriented towards cultural particularism allows a framework where individuals and groups of widely different beliefs can achieve sovereignty and self-determination for themselves. This could theoretically include Amazon tribes of feminists where men were banned from their presence, or primitivist communities where industrial technology is disallowed, or libertarian-libertine communities devoted to currently prohibited activities such as drug use, sex work, and recreational gambling.

It is the ultimate in utopian nonsense to think that all of humanity can be united under a single cultural paradigm. Such a state of affairs could only exist under a tyranny of incomparable brutality. National-Anarchism offers a polar opposite paradigm where every human group retains its preferred way of life. Applied to international questions, National-Anarchism favors the sovereignty, self-determination, and self-preservation of all of the world's unique cultures, languages, races, religions, ethnic and national groupings. What is to be gained from turning the entire world into a cosmopolitan city?

National-Anarchism is the way forward to genuine liberty, democracy, diversity, and tolerance.


  1. Excellent post. Can't wait to hear more from you.

  2. I am pro white. Is there something wrong with liking your own kind? I like to be around my own kind. I like what they talk about, their experiences and histories resonate in me in a way that no dark race will ever understand. It has taken my people 2000 years to reach this level. Can they really expect to have parity with us? Oh yeH. And the. Privelige...my family came to America in 1704 as Irish indentured servants. Slaves. Well so much for privilege. I am the first person in my privileged family to go to college. Boycot 'machete . It's a racist movie